Our Values

As a technology consulting company, the efforts and the business fields of SIYA Group align to the great challenges of our time. In this spirit, we hold sharing and integrity as our core values in dealing with our customers as well as our employees.

Four main principles guide our work to our values:

We stand at the side of our partners, as well as we stand to our word as a business partner. For us, reliability equals acting cooperatively. It demands the ability to identify with the projects and companies of our partners and requires a maximum effort to maintain confidentiality while working with valuable resources.

Efficiency & Effectiveness
Efficient and effective measures create success. As a business we strive for efficiency of resources and processes. We create high-quality solutions and understand our results not as endpoints but milestones.

Innovation & Progress
Our academic claim and our contributions to scientific discourses assure us access to the most future relevant fields of study. Our consultation is forward looking and builds upon the newest scientific findings from university and businesses.

We embrace our roots to strengthen our work as a business. But our concepts and solutions are looking ahead. We understand that every step to achieve success can also be a cornerstone for long-term growth. We adhere to our own ethical standards. For us, sustainability is defined by the continuous success of our partners and the healthy growth of our society.