History and Highlights


  • Specialists of various companies build a team of experts and get into the business of photovoltaics and new materials. Among others they represent internationally renowned companies such as Hankel and LG.


  • Establishing the Siya Energy Tech. Developing Co., Ltd. (SEGS) in Suzhou China
  • The SEGS closed a contract with a Sino-European joint venture in the field of new materials for Consulting in Research and Technology Development
  • Establishing the Siya Euphyratica GmbH (SEG) in Hamburg, Deutchland
  • The SEG began a long-term cooperation with a renowned Chinese company group for photovoltaic systems


  • The SEGS signed an agreement to marketing development with a well-known Chinese company in the field of new materials
  • The SEG received an order for international marketing consultation
  • The Siya Group signs a contract for international marketing development with a renowned Asian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules
  • The SEG cooperated with German partners in researching novel storage technology and batteries management system in Germany;
  • The SEG started to develop high efficient distributed energy system technologies with German partners. 


  • On January, SEG had successfully completed the No. NE2016D5C50125S technology transfer to our key client in the field of new energy application.
  • On June, apply the 2nd generation R&D planning to A company and agreed by the board. Start up the long term co-operation.
  • SEGS started to serve technology consulting for a fund Company in Qingdao, their business is in the areas of PV, new materials, recycling and Environment Protection et al. The fund is ca. 5 Billion RMB.


  • SEG successfully completed the technology transfer of A Clean Heating Technology(numbered NE2017D8C2039T), and hatched it to mass production, obtained the investment from a top level investment company in China.
  • SEG received the honorary certificate of WT·SH “Partner” from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
  • SEGS  started to Research and develop a new kind of thermal conductivity materials technology and product based on Graphene.