Company Profile

The Siya Group is a global technology consulting enterprise with core competencies in the fields of renewable energy and new materials.

It consists of the Siya Euphyratica GmbH (SEG) in Germany and the Siya Energy Tech. Development Co., Ltd (SEGS) in China.


The SEG is a professional technology consulting company, which operates in the fields of renewable energies, new materials and environmental protection. Its key features include the technology consulting and some consulting services to market resources et al. The headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany.

With already over 10 years of experience with regards to the Chinese market, comprehensive knowledge of markets and sectors, as well as an economic and political network of contacts, we assure our clients the best possible position to successfully build and expand their engagement in China. We understand ourselves for a variety of consulting services and like to share our knowledge and experience with our clients.

The academic work of our consultants at different institutes and faculties offers our clients the possibility to contribute to current academic discourses and use the most recent scientific findings to improve their businesses effectively and efficiently. In this way, our clients will grow as we are growing, and we will, likewise, grow with our clients.



The SEGS China has a widespread and established customer and partnership network with stable sales channels for direct access to the Chinese markets. It operates in consulting for technology and investment, as well as sales management and customer service.

In addition, we could supply with high quality photovoltaic modules and optimizer for PV power plants from our partners’ factories.

Strategic Bridging


Siya Group is an ideal partner for co-operation between Abroad and China: We offer our customers not only our experience in the field of technology consulting and business connection, but also the access possibilities to the Chinese market through our existing distribution channels.

Siya Group is geared to investment and development of industries of future renewable energies as well as protecting the environment with new smart materials.

The SEG Germany and the SEGS China form the strategic joint for intercultural technology consulting and management as well as for development and marketing of the technology.

We rest in the confidence that we are able to provide the most suitable professional solution and technology consulting to you just as we did to our worldwide satisfied customers.

We are Siya: Whether customer or employee, our simple business philosophy is Integrity and Win-Win.