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Superior Provider of Technology Consulting for innovative technologies in the fields of clean energy and new materials

Connect your business to China

Our focus on Technologies and Chinese Market allows us to build intercultural bridges from Abroad to China respectively. We help companies abroad to improve their businesses on a daily basis. We enable transformation of corporate structures through sustainable optimization of strategies, processes and communication. And with all that in mind, we still center our attention around the individuals.


Technology Consulting

The Academic work of our consultants at different institutes and faculties offers our clients the possibility to contribute to current academic discourses and use the most recent scientific findings to improve their businesses effectively and efficiently. In this way, our clients will grow as we are growing, and we will, likewise, grow with our clients.



In-depth consulting services

With already over 10 years of experience with regards to the Chinese market, comprehensive knowledge of markets and sectors, as well as an economic and political network of contacts, we assure our clients the best possible position to successfully build and expand their engagement in China. We understand ourselves for a variety of consulting services and like to share our knowledge and experience with our clients.

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Our Advantages

Focus on Technologies and Chinese Market allow us to build intercultural technology bridges between Abroad and China respectively.

  • High efficient PERC and HDT bifacial PV modules
  • International EPC service for PV power plants

Strategic Positioning

SEG in Hamburg, Germany

The SEG is a professional technology consulting company, which operates in the fields of renewable energies, new materials and environmental protection. Its key features include the technology consulting and consulting services to market resources et al.

SEGS in Suzhou, China

The SEGS China has a widespread and established customer and partnership network with stable sales channels for direct access to the Chinese markets. It operates in consulting for technology and investment, as well as sales management and customer service.

Key Figures Summary of SIYA till Jan. 2019

3 Technologies Transfer & Project Incubation

for Different Companies

2  R&D Package Consulting services

Include Technology Consulting and R&D Management

11  Technology Consulting and Marketing Consulting Services

Between Germany and China