In-depth consulting services

In-depth consulting services

With already over 10 years of experience with regards to the Chinese market, comprehensive knowledge of markets and sectors, as well as an economic and political network of contacts, we assure our clients the best possible position to successfully build and expand their engagement in China. We understand ourselves for a variety of consulting services and like to share our knowledge and experience with our clients.

Especially, in the process of internationalisation, a very important key to success for Chinese enterprises is to have the right people at right time work in the right positions. And people need at the right time the right platform to showcase themselves, in order to make their talents and value count.



We also provide the following services:

If you are a science and technology researcher or technical expert, interested in working with Chinese companies, we can develop tailormade plans according to your wishes and needs to find your appropriate position. These can be short, mid or long-term cooperation projects or consulting cooperations with Chinese enterprises, to realize internationalisation in your companies development.