Connect your business to China

Connect your business to China


Strategic Consulting & Technological consulting services

Building marketing channels

  • Building a distribution system or subsidiary company
  • Customers or suppliers acquisition
  • Checking the creditworthiness of the customer
  • Organization of on-site visits by the customer
  • Consulting for negotiations or representations


Through lack of understanding with respect to suppliers and sales channels, often difficulties arise when European customers want to buy products of the Chinese/Asian market or want to enter the Chinese/Asian market with their own products. Our strategic framework as a German-Chinese enterprise and our long experience enables us to provide our customers with solutions for exactly these situations to ensure smooth business operations.
Our services are aimed precisely to the specific risks or possibilities of each different phase of the given business situation. We create tailor-made solutions in modular form according to the specific needs and desires of our customers. You can then select the appropriate module for your individual situation. (Below shown some of our partners & potential co-operators.)

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